Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Windows 7

A few days back, I posted about installing Ubuntu on my laptop instead of going with Vista. After some really onerous trials at installing XP went in vain AGAIN, I decided to go with Windows 7 beta (fingers crossed).

That said I can safely say from my experience is - Lenovo's ThinkPad support is a farce and ridiculously incompetent (I heard previously that ThinkPads' support made it a ThinkPad).

It is about 120 days after that I am able to get Windows on my laptop. The laptop is about 120 days old. I refuse to pay for recovery DVDs. I refuse to install Vista.

Update: The only issue I have had so far with Windows 7 is the sound did not work as default (Volume Control Options - Sound Devices - check Speakers).

Update 5/6: Updated to RC (build 7100) from beta build 7077 from here and here

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