Sunday, January 11, 2009

Intrepid Ibex

There always seems to be a catch before installing Linux - this time fresh Ubuntu 8.10 /Intrepid Ibex. :P


One fine morning, I decided to partition (ThinkPad should really provide this by default) my factory-default-only-one-partition drive using GParted (which has got rave reviews) and wiped out the XP installation (no fault of GParted though). Since I "downgraded" to XP from Vista while buying the ThinkPad, Lenovo, in its infinite wisdom, provided me with Vista recovery DVDs and not XP one. The normal XP sp2 installation CD (not from ThinkPad package) is giving a BSoD (still have to confirm the reason for this) during installation. Due to all the mentioned circumstances, I was left with the dilemma to install Vista or .... Linux :P. Guess which way I went. Linux installation was not easy either. After a few hours of tinkering and drinking and eating and sleeping I figured out a way to install Ubuntu on my T400 ThinkPad (note the word dumb in red on the blog :D). Which made me wonder - the user shock that comes with Vista's interface along with its negative reviews (though I think it won't be half as bad as people say it would be) were compelling enough to not go with it but Ubuntu's Intrepid Ibex. Ubuntu's extra visual effects are quite some eye candy.

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