Thursday, September 25, 2008

'I'm Feeling Lucky' button

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The 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button is the most unluckiest button ever in the history of all buttons.

RM (2008)

Someone should put this as 'The Quotation of the Day'. :D

Unluckiest, if you consider the ratio by which it is ignored or not clicked. Lucky, as it got to stay on the page for about 10 years now despite its incompetency. For example, Firefox page hosted on Google does not show it. Neither does the Google toolbar. Neither does the Chrome's omnibox. Marissa Mayer in this article says that dropping the button would somehow reduce the Google experience and it is a comfort button. Brin says the role of the button is rather ambitious where the user would taken to the only link that matters for the search. I think as of now, the first 10 links are the ones that matter most on Google. On another note, I think that this tee would be good to wear on a Friday night at a bar.

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