Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gmail Mobile (Blackberry) version 2.0 released

A new update for Gmail for Mobile (Blackberry) 2.0 was released (version today (update: for all J2ME phones on 10/23). A few notable features that I like.

Mobile drafts: The drafts that you save on mobile are not visible on Gmail (browser) and you lose them once you sign out or reset blackberry handheld. But draft is always good.

Outbox: Don't know yet. Mostly, when an email cannot be sent (due to absence of wireless connection), it would go to outbox and sent when the connection becomes available again.

Contacts: Browse through your contacts, email them and search through conversations or chats with just one click. Cannot edit though.

Multiple accounts: This is a sleek feature. Surprisingly, not available in Gmail (browser) but available in mobile. With this you can add another Gmail account, sign in and switch between them with just 3 clicks. If you use Firefox for Gmail, you would find this nice as you can't simultaneously sign into multiple accounts in firefox (without tweaks).

Notify me when there is new mail in my inbox (edit blackberry profile to customize notification): My personal favorite (someone read my email). You can customize notification in your blackberry profile for new email under 'Gmail - New mail'. I don't like 'vibrate + tone' mode for new emails but I do keep Repeat notification as Led flashing. Previous version of Gmail for mobile had a very annoying bug where on new Gmail mail, the led would keep on flashing (for a fixed time) even after been read on handheld. Now, once Gmail mobile application is opened or new Gmail mail is read or on Refresh in Gmail mobile, the led stops flashing. In blackberry's (work) messages, the led stops flashing only when read.

Basic offline support: As the recent emails are cached, reading emails with no coverage is possible.

Search: This is not an update for 2.0 but it is worth mentioning; all advanced search functions that are available in desktop gmail are also available in mobile (ex: is:chat, in:spam etc).

[Hat tip to Ionut]

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