Friday, July 25, 2008

Suggest a feature for Gmail

Hopefully, someone would read this.
  • Instead of selecting labels from a dropdown, I should type and select labels from the dropdown (like contacts). 
  • A simple way to search unlabeled conversations and not by process of elimination (ex: is:unlabeled etc.).
  • Attachment sizes per conversation.
  • One button shortcut to delete an email (like e for archive). Easier to 'Delete Forever' emails in search results.
  • The conversation view in gmail is one of its best features. However, I would still like to see emails in non-conversational view.
  • Purge attachments from emails.
  • Selectively sign off from locations rather than sign off from all other locations. The same for google talk / talk labs too.
  • A way to disable 'Sponsored Links'. Or I will put words like death, tragedy in the signature of my emails.

Update: implemented in blue, not implemented in red
Note: prone to update eternally.

1 comment:

  1. I like the type and select labels from the dropdown and shortcut to delete email features. Also, interesting observation about the use of words like death, tragedy in the signature to disable sponsored links.

    One feature I would love is to have the option to appear invisible to some contacts and visible to others. Maybe they could implement something like groups. So, I could keep all the contacts to whom I would like to appear as invisible/offline in one group and the rest in another.